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Construction Loans  

  • Have you ever considered what is required to arrange the funding required to renovate your current home or greater still developing a block of land or building a granny flat at the back of your current property. 
  • Perhaps you have thought about building a new home or a detached property or you could subdivide a vacant land to fit 2 or more properties.
  • What’s involved and where do I start? How much of a deposit do I need? Can my deposit be in the form of Equity or does it have to be in Cash.
  • What’s the interest rate and how is this paid?
  • FA specializes in this finance. No matter if you are a mum and dad investor or a builder or an accomplished developer? We are here to help and to make it happen. 
  • Whatever your property development finance needs, we are only a phone call away. 

The first appointment is obligation and Fee Free.

To ask for our advice on property development loans and construction loans, whether for your own home or for property investment, please enter your details in the contact tab of our website. We will contact you within one business day.