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Customer Testimonials

From the outset you were behind us.

You shared our vision, our hopes and our dreams. It wasn’t easy I know but you stood by us until we could finally make this happen. You worked so hard and supported us all the way through it. Your experience, dedication and vast network of professionals got us to our ultimate goal. We truly were in the best of hands.

Anne Normoyle

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I am so happy that you came out on top.

Not only that, you also coached me through the car dealers ‘Up Sell’ tactics in relation to leather protection, paint protection and tinting. You went out of your way and approached your network of car specialists and came back to me with the information i needed, to make the right decision.

Sundeep Minhas

You went above and beyond the call of duty.

You took the time to understand my story in full. You then stated exactly what would be required and how we would go about it. You were the only one that said Yes when everyone else including my current lender said No.

Your perseverance and dedication to assisting me to ensure we got this finance approved was greatly appreciated. Your persistence and empathy to my situation was commendable. I am truly happy.

Angelica Stevens

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Thanks for making my dream, a reality.

I wanted to say how impressed I was with your service, and the extra care and contact you provided to me, and the Audi dealer.  I now have my pride and joy.  

Have a great 2014. I look forward to catching up sometime soon. You are a friend, Alen. You are welcome here anytime. Thanks for making my dream, a reality.

Lyndon Watson

From the start, we knew we were in good hands

Deanna and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you personally for your support, guidance and hard work in arranging our mortgage finance for our dream home.From the start, we knew we were in good hands. You explained everything clearly and made it easy to understand. Together we worked on an investment plan that we could afford and went for it.

Jeremy Kuche

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Financial Assurance has been a breath of fresh air.

Your financial wisdom, tenacity, experience and negotiation skills has made all the difference to the final loan offer from the lender.

Thank you so much Alen, for all your hard work and support. I am very happy to be part of your financial network and I will not hesitate in recommending your services.

Christopher John Deeb

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You have been nothing short of fantastic

I wanted to take this time to say a BIG thank you for all your efforts in arranging my property finance. As you know this was a difficult scenario but you worked with me to make it happen.

It has been a real pleasure doing business with you. I am so happy my financial planner recommended your services. Your experience and passion is evident in everuthing you do.

Diane Power

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We have now settled into our new home and we couldn't be happier

You never once let us down and your vast financial network would ensure we got the finance lending that was right for us. Not only that, but your guidance and experience would ensure that we were in control the whole time.

Bruno and Marina Gage

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You are in a class of your own

As you are aware, I had committed myself to a goal of accumulating multiple property investments over the next 5 to 10 years, and have been working closely with a national real estate firm who have been providing advice on their system of multiple property acquisitions in Queensland and Victoria.

You did not hesitate to come on board to support me through this new experience. There is so much to take in but with your valuable insight and support I grew in confidence and learned to appreciate the opportunity more and more.

Peter Bobolas

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My family and I are so grateful. We are extremely impressed.

I was caught in a situation with no funds and a house that was unfinished and unliveable.

Thankfully you were there for us. You took the time and effort that was required to understand my situation and you worked really hard utilising your experience, tenacity and knowledge to find a lendder that would give us a great result.

James Kaloudis

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I appreciate everything you have done for me

Alen, you have a detailed and thorough approach to your work. You focus on the client and quality of information, you simplify the process and I have confidence in the direction we take.

You are honest, reliable, and work hard. You also have a vast amount of financial experience and technical knowledge. All this combined ensures the best result.

Mark J Capizzi

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It was a truly remarkable effort.

As you may recall we came to you frustrated and concerned as our previous broker who works with a well-known brokerage could not get this across the line despite many promises and 2 weeks of us hanging on for no reason. We were desperate and didn't want to lose this opportunity.

You took the time and effort to understand our situation in full, our motivation behind this strategy and our retirement objectives and work hard for myself and Lara to get this across the line in time for the Auction which was within a weeks' time.

You used your experience, tenacity and industry contacts and got this loan approved for us in 3 days.

Victor Kanjian

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Your willingness to go above and beyond is commendable.

I am very fortunate to have you in my corner and as a valued member of the Enter Building Group team.

You have assisted me with all my finances over the last 16 years. You have provided valuable financial and investment advice.

Your knowledge of the property market and financial market, and your in-depth knowledge and experience on all things finance and property investments is second to no one.

Peter D OREB

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